Cam Williamson is the founder of the #Shatterit Movement & host of The Road 2Redemption Podcast. Cam was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio where he left in2010 to pursue the military after a difficult upbringing. Cam ended his U.S.Army career in 2018 after a trying deployment to Guantanamo Bay. The Shatter itMovement / R2R Podcast was started circa 2016 after Cam fought for his life ina 10 year alcoholism/mental health battle. In October of 2016 Cam walked out ofhis terrible situation and made a promise that he would SHATTER the labels& stigmas surrounding, Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Now, with yearsof sobriety under his belt and the tools that were used to achieve it, it’stime to keep that promise! Cam is an influential Internet personality sharinghis stories and life lessons for anyone hurting and searching!