Ibegan my sobriety journey on September 25th, 2020. On this terrifying morning,I experienced a seizure caused by alcohol withdrawal. This was my secondseizure cause by withdrawal, so I knew exactly what had happened. With my handsstill trembling, and barely even being able to speak, I somehow managed to callmy mom. When she answered, I said 3 simple words… “I NEED HELP!” I hadattempted sobriety before, but my strong denial interfered with my success.Finally, I was able to see through the desolate fog. I realized it was time tomake a drastic, life altering change. My life depended on it! A few days later,I checked myself in to a 4 week inpatient rehab facility, and I have neverlooked back. I will be celebrating 15 months of sobriety on Christmas Day!