My name is Aidan Keeble. I’m 27 & from Dyer Indiana. At my worst I was homeless and sharing needles with strangers. Not only was I dealing with a poly-substance addiction, I also struggle with mental illness. Being bipolar & using drugs was already the perfect storm but believe it or not I also found out that I’m living with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. An autoimmune condition that can throw off mood and pretty much everything else about a person’s health. So, it was a trifecta. Trauma also played a role. I didn’t care about anything. Living or dying made no difference to me. I have been to rehab 24 times. I’ve spent almost 2 years incarcerated, spent around another 2 years of being in rehab or the hospital. I’ve overdosed 10 times, had a mild heart attack from smoking crack. Became romantically involved with a technician at rehab who (surprise) turned out to be severely abusive. I tried to rob my own Mom. I could go on and on. It’s disgusting, yes. That’s the point. I’m not too afraid of what people think if my story helps even 1 person. We can sink to the darkest bottoms and still come up to the surface and breathe again. Now I’m sober and my clean date is May 17th, 2023. I’ve also given up caffeine, nicotine & gluten because it works better for me. Every day I tell myself: never again no matter what. I will stay clean. I will stay sober. – Aidan supplies free Narcan and fentanyl testing strips in Northwest Indiana – contact him for details!


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