Blair's Story

After a long career as a binge drinker and party girl, I finally decided to retire. I’ve had a lot of moments that should have made me quit drinking, but I didn’t realize that life without alcohol was possible. After becoming a mom in 2016, I still tried to maintain my drinking ways. I found myself drinking on weekends at home, and alone. I thought that was what I deserved because society told me that it’s what moms do.

In February of 2018 when my son was 18 months old, I had another typical weekend of drinking too much and another horrible hangover. Suddenly, something clicked and I no longer wanted to live in the cycle I was in.

Since going alcohol-free, I have been pursuing my passion for writing. I began creating content on Instagram @sobrietyactivist, and became a staff writer for a parenting resource in my community @rochester_mom. I am also a contributor to @thesobercurator and do guest blogging.

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