Brianna's Story

My name is Brianna Heuvel and I struggled with drug addiction for a year from my ex fiancé. The relationship I had with him was very toxic. I thought since I dated him once before it would be better this time around, but the second time around, about 2 months into the relationship he started encouraging me to use harder drugs than just marijuana as in his words, ‘we only live once’ and I went with it. Not putting the full blame onto him, as I was the one who decided to take the drugs. I did hard drugs for 10 months. I lost 30 pounds and barely ate, on top of that I was used for my money to pay our rent, our bills. Since he didn’t have the motivation or ambition to work, I was the one maintaining the whole household.Being high the whole time with him while maintaining the household, I struggled with extreme anxiety and depression. Especially when my grandma passed away that same year. I didn’t think there was a way out of this situation at all so stuck with it.My last day of using was September 24th, 2020. That morning I knew something was wrong with me. I started having hallucinations; my mind was racing and I couldn’t stop pacing and talking to myself. I was talking nonsense to my fiancé and he said to call my mother up, so I did.Calling my mother, she knew something was wrong with me with everything I was saying to her. She came to get me at the house and took me in for 2 days before admitting me to the hospital.From there I was admitted into the psych ward. The nurses and doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me, they thought it was schizophrenia as I had a hard time opening up to them that I was using drugs.Eventually, I came clean about all the drugs (one week into being there). They helped me stay clean and they inspired me with the program called ‘Heads Up’ for drug induced psychosis, which I got diagnosed with.Since being out of the hospital l’m now 2 years, 3 months and 26 days clean, I’ve gained the 30 pounds back, sober as ever, so much healthier and in a relationship that has benefited and inspired me to stay sober for our future and for my own future.I found myself again, moved an hour away from my hometown, started fresh with starting college to finish the program I took 3 years ago after dropping it.I have 3 months left of my program and I will have accomplished something I set my mind to!

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