Brittany's Story

The one thing my non-sober self would believe is that there is hope, I’m standing here today as proof of that. I grew up with a mother who was abusive, both mentally and physically. To cope with the pain and hurt, I turned to drinking, and eventually, it became a crutch I couldn’t live without. I dropped out of high school and spent the next thirteen years in and out of legal trouble, fueled by heavy drinking and drug use.It wasn’t until I got a massive infection in my mouth, which almost killed me and caused me to lose a significant amount of weight, that I began to realize the severity of my situation. Then, a few years later, I had a heart attack, and the doctor warned me that I wouldn’t make it to 35 if I didn’t quit drinking, as I had early-onset CHF.That was my wake-up call. I knew it was time to make a serious change, so I stepped up and did just that. With the help of therapy and group therapy, I turned my life around. Now, I’m proud to say that I’m a manager at a retail company, and I’m on the right track towards a brighter future.

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