My name is Chloe, I am 25 years old from Wisconsin. I am a recovering addict from meth and uppers. My childhood was difficult. I struggled bad with depression and ADD OCD anxiety. My dad died when I was almost 2 years old. I was in a 5 year abusive relationship from 15-21 with my son’s dad. When I left the relationship I immediately went to drugs to stop my mind from thinking. The worst part of my addiction was when I lost 50 pounds, weight 87LBs. I didn’t feel anything and didn’t care if I died as long as I was high. My turning point was wanting to be there for my son and I met someone who showed me the meaning of life again. I just celebrated 3 years clean on August 12th. I love hiking and eating food now to stay clean. ❤️ I did go to NA as well in the beginning of my sobriety.




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