Chrissy's Story

My name is Chrissy. I’m 41, from the South Side of Chicago, living in San Diego, CA. I just made two years sober. As a child, alcohol was everywhere. Always. Just the way everyone coped. You had a bad day; you drank. You had a good day; you drank. It was very “normal.” My father had 3 DUIs before he became sober. He had eight years of sobriety before he passed. I started drinking at 15. From day 1, I was a binge, black-out drinker. College did not help with this “habit.” When drinking, my personality changed & my decision-making was horrid. I had wanted to stop but didn’t know how. So I prayed. In April 2021, I woke up in jail for a DUI. My life was forever changed. The trauma and the money were not worth it. Alcohol was never worth it. I deserve to be the REAL me sans alcohol. AA helped me immensely during the first 1.5 years, as it is now a tool I have if needed. I love following inspiring people online; they remind me and motivate me. I am slowly getting back to myself & have no intention of looking back. God bless.

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