Crystal's Story

My name is Crystal. I’m 42 and I’m in recovery from alcohol. I grew up in a stable Christian home. After I got married I had difficult pregnancies. I had severe eclampsia and was hospitalized for 3 months with my first child and 6 months on my second. They tied my tubes at 23. I was devastated. I’ve been divorced twice. My second husband was an addict. He physically abused me and I ended up in the hospital one day. The stress of being a single mom led to a lot of binge drinking. I began to drink in hopes the alcohol would ease my emotional deterioration. As a single mom, I not only struggled with alcohol, but with my mental health. I was a successful dance studio owner, restaurant manager, day spa owner, flight attendant, and community volunteer. When Covid happened, my drinking went from heavy to drinking until I passed out. I moved from Florida to California and my addiction became unmanageable. It was affecting my family and I crashed my new truck. Alcohol was destroying my health and finances. I went into a detox program. I transferred to a women’s Rehab and began my journey. I attend 3 meetings a week, have a sponsor and a church recovery group. After 100 days I started a Sobriety Podcast called Sober Onions Podcast in hopes to help others like me who struggle with addiction like me.”
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