Dan's Story

My name is Dan and I’m 41, and I’m from Clemmons, NC. My sobriety date is 11/1/2015. I began using and drinking in high school and by the time I graduated it was getting to be almost daily. I felt very insecure, angry, and depressed growing up and drugs/alcohol became my escape. I thought that finding a great relationship, getting married, and having a child would be enough to keep me sober. Yet even the love I had for my wife and daughter weren’t enough. I was contemplating suicide daily, my marriage was failing, my daughter was struggling, and I was a wreck. I went through drug induced psychosis which doctors said I may never recover from and that is where I hit bottom, at a psych ward in Atlantis, FL. I surrendered and went back to the treatment center I came from. I slowly started to heal. Now, 6.5 years later I attend meetings regularly, help others, and stick to a good exercise regimen. I was also gifted with a new baby boy in 2019! I’m so grateful for my life today!
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