Guillermo's Story

My name is Guillermo Eiland. I’m 55, born and raised in Los Angeles, and now in Arizona. Some might know me as Big Caz from the group Bone Thugs. I walked away from that world after I realized I was not living right.I was born from a prostitute-addicted birth giver, and I was born addicted to H. I thought I could never get addicted because I had never tried it. I was a notorious Gangbanger from Los Angeles who pushed product and stayed mentally and emotionally disconnected from addicts. When I took my first hard drink in 2007, I did not know 14yrs later that I would be calling myself an addict. I became a closet addict that had everyone fooled.I was told I had stage 4 chronic kidney disease, but I kept drinking. I started losing sight in my left eye, even after losing my right kidney. Now I’m completely blind in my left eye.I have a book coming out on June 2nd that talks about changing my whole life in order not to become a statistic.I look in the mirror with one eye and see one man that was destroying himself, and it keeps me sober.
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