Jarrod's Story

My name is Jarrod and my sober date is 8/16/2013. My childhood was filled with joy and love until around the age of 9 when my pops left Florida and moved to VA to pursue a college goal. It left me alone as my mother worked so much and had to care for my younger brother. When I moved to VA at the age of 13 I was so lost and trying to find myself so I found what I thought was love and acceptance in the streets. Started drinking at the age of 14 and found cocaine at 19.At its worst, I was drinking at LEAST 6 days a week. Doing cocaine probably 3 days a week.My U-Turn moment came after a day drinking and drugging binge where at the end of the night, I tried to commit suicide. Thank God I lived and that was the moment I realized I have a 2nd chance at life. For me, I stay sober by connecting with folks in recovery and mentoring those looking to find sobriety. I have outreach services and host meetings.
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