Kris' Story

My name is Kris; I’m 32 and from Arizona. My struggle is DV and drug addiction. My sobriety date is 9/11/19.

I grew up well and went to college, where I met a man and dated him for almost five years. It was abusive; I was young and naive. While I was with him, I did every drug available and thus began my addiction. I finally left the relationship in 2014. He then attempted to take my life, stabbing me 18 times.

I tried to rebuild myself physically, and as soon as I was able to, my addiction hit the ground running. In 2017 I was introduced to fentanyl and struggled with this for two years.

I used to cope, but I stopped going to therapy and was physically unable to work. I buried boyfriends and friends but continued to use. I was living in my truck, begging for change for enough money to pick up.

Finally, on my mom’s birthday (9-11-2019), I checked into rehab and was able to complete treatment. I have remained clean since then. Today, I regularly attend meetings, work the steps, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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