Lizzy's Story

I started using and drinking at a young age.

I’ve always been very insecure, and it helped me not feel or feel more pretty. I got prescribed Benzo’s & sleeping pills, which was love at first sight. I started abusing it straight away and got addicted for six years.

I started drinking and using more during covid, mainly hard liquor and coke. Only with friends at first.

Then I got together with my ex-boyfriend. He was an abusive addict but hid it well. He isolated me from everyone around me and pulled me into his full-blown addiction. It didn’t take long before I was using daily. I had to keep drinking, I downed 1.5 Liter of vodka a day, and it still wasn’t enough.

I went to detox three times and nearly died because my pancreas and liver were severely inflamed.

My body was in shock, and I was paralyzed. I got very lucky.

Detox, a clinic, a sober living house, and the 12-step program have helped me stay clean and be a better person.

20/04/2023 – 1 year sober

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