My name is Miles. I’m 38 and live in Deltona, Florida. My struggle was alcohol since college and then substances years later. I’ve been off everything aside from alc since 2018 and my sobriety date from alcohol is 12/24/22.

I had a unique childhood. I grew up the son of a pretty famous actor and being a childhood actor myself. My father played, Gordon, on Sesame Street. I played his adopted son, Miles, for the first 9 years of my life. 

From the outside looking in I lived a pretty great life but that was far from the truth. My mother was an alcoholic, so there was a lot of trauma and dysfunction at home that I had to navigate. I gained a lot of confidence and freedom when I started playing basketball in high school. I earned a Division 1 scholarship to play at Marist College where I was introduced into binge drinking. Partying and drinking became my number one focus, and when my playing years were over, it devastated me.


In 2012, I was prescribed pain meds. As a newly married man, father and someone who hated their job, I was completely lost. I continued to numb myself.

In 2016, I moved from New Jersey to Florida in an attempt to change my environment at my lowest. In 2020, I reached out for help with my drinking. I joined a private community through Recovery Elevator and was finally able to release the shame and guilt. I eventually started sharing my story more publicly and was able to connect with people who could relate to me. As of last year I had not had more than 90 days without a drink. In December I told myself that 2023 would be the first year I would not have a sip of alc.

Through physical fitness, a strong spiritual connection and mental well-being, I have been able to get to a point in my life where I am thriving and living purposefully.

I have a full time career that I love. I coach and help support people to work through their limiting beliefs about the life that they can create through mindset and wellness practices. Change is possible.

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