Hi my name is Nicole, age 18. I live in Eugene Oregon but born and raised in Portland Oregon. My sobriety date is 8/17/22 My childhood was hard I grew up around addicts and that was all I was shown. It was very abusive physiologically, emotionally, and physically. I struggled in school and really just wanted to fit in. I was 16 when my mother and I got in a fight and she decided to lay her hands on me one more time that was the time I faught back. I got kicked out had nowhere else to go and was using meth with with an older man who I thought loved me he was very abusive and I later spiraled into fentanyl and got stuck. I started smoking weed,vaping, and drinking at age 13 to fit in and also cope with my depression and family issues. What I do to stay ahead of my addiction is go to therapy (I haven’t found any na meeting near me) I graduated addiction counseling. I read NA books and I have my rock, my brother who saved my life and was by my side throughout my whole detox.

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