My name is Olivia. I’m 38 years old and from Switzerland. Even as a small child, I experienced violence and abuse from my father until he finally took his own life. When I was five, I was placed in a foster family and grew up like a child in a contract. I was also bullied at school. I could finally move in with my mother when I started my apprenticeship. That didn’t go well for long because we always pulled each other down mentally. So I broke off 2 apprenticeships and my first sui**** attempt. I eventually got married and we had about 7 good years, but then we divorced for various reasons. A little later, I met a man who manipulated me massively and drew me into the sex trade. I endured it for almost 2 years until I completely collapsed and after that, followed a lengthy hospital stay. Afterwards, I was convinced I wanted to work in psychiatry and share my experiences. I completed a 1.5 year internship and then began studying to become a qualified nursing specialist in psychiatry. Unfortunately, the school was too big for me, and I had another breakdown. Several hospital stays followed and 2 sui**** attempts, one with a 5 day coma. That shaped me. I struggled through the therapies until today. I can say I’m good and stable. Since the dream of working in psychiatry is still there, I have become self-employed and offer peer talks. I go on walks with my horse. Now, I can live my dream and pass on my wealth of self-awareness.

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