Sam's Story

My name is Sam. I’m 36 years old and in recovery from alcohol and substances. My sobriety date is 10-09-21.

I had a happy childhood, but I was different from my brother and sister. I was always getting in trouble. A teacher told my mum I had ADHD. As a teenager, I developed health anxiety (hypochondriac) and would overassess little pains, headaches, etc.

I used substances to self-medicate. This spiraled out of control, heightened my anxieties, and left me severely depressed. I didn’t want to live, but I didn’t want to die. I felt trapped.

My legs started swelling up, and my body produced too many red blood cells and insufficient white. This would have led to a blood clot, and I wouldn’t be here today.

That was the turning point. I realized if I didn’t change, I would leave my two daughters in this world without a daddy.

I now go to meetings a couple of times a week and work a 12-step program. I dip in the North Sea every day, practicing cold water therapy. I also do breathing exercises and meditation. These have all been very beneficial to my recovery. If you are struggling, please reach out.

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