Six Rediam


I have been sober since December 23, 2016. 2,463 days. If you’re struggling, remember to reach out, and that anyone can recover from anything. If you’re finding yourself hopeless, message me and you can hotspot some of mine and we can buddy up until you get where you’re going. I once had a cop tell me I was “a very sick woman” prior to locking me in his backseat. I had the department of children and families tell me I’d never get my children back. My own family told me they’d never come home and me fighting for them was prolonging them finding a real family and moving on. I have to tell you, I’m so glad I never listened to any of those people. My kids have been home for 2 and a half years. They never wanted to be anywhere else or be adopted. They were waiting for me. I am no longer sick, even though I truly felt I’d never get here. I just kept going, a day at a time. Don’t give up. Reach out when you need it. Recovery is for everyone. #recoveryispossible #ODAAT

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