My name is Tara and I am an alcoholic from Arizona. I am finally 115 days sober. I say final because after hundreds of “trying agains,” eighteen years, fourteen rehabs, ten arrests, and two huge losses, I want it for ME. I’m not doing this for anyone else but myself. First it was my two precious sons, but now it for me, too. Rock bottom hit when I once again convinced myself I could “drink like a lady.” That quickly led to my sons being taken from me. Today I am grateful. Today I love myself. I have never even liked who I was before this. And it took time and vigorous work. I am still in the middle of a huge custody battle with my younger son’s father, but I know that I can face anything when sober. I have a therapist, attend meetings, move my body everyday, and eat very clean. I am now an honest person with true friends, and the best mother I know. I wake up every morning with a positive outlook no matter what. and I put my faith and trust in God.

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