Tony Chen

Tony's Story

My name is Tony Chen. I’m 38 years old. I live in Orange County, CA. My sobriety date is 10/31/22.

Growing up, I always got into trouble. Boredom and isolation was my biggest weakness, so I always turned to alc. And substances to escape a reality I wasn’t satisfied with.

This led to 2x prison terms for DUIs, the insidious dissolution of my goals and dreams, countless ruined relationships with family, loved ones, and romantic partners, and a ruined relationship with myself.

After a break-up, I signed up for a fitness program with a coach who gave me the mindset to break away from my destructive vices. I had to transfer the energy from the break-up into something positive or fall back into my negative habits and end up once again in a state of perpetual self-sabotage.

Fitness, and the principles and disciplines I gained from it, gave me back my wings. So I made it my purpose to help as many men as I can succeed with fitness so they can get their wings back too.

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