Tracy's Story

I’ve always felt emotions very strongly. That meant that life was hard for me from a young age. Once I discovered a way to numb those emotions, it was game on. It started with alcohol and weed and by my late teens I’d found heroin. I totalled cars, was suspended from school, arrested & sent to prison, and still I couldn’t stop. But something happened when I became pregnant with my first child…I knew that he needed me and I made a promise to him that he would never see that side of me.So I built & I built, in an effort to provide a safe and stable life for my babe. I built until I fixed my credit & bought a house. I built until I earned my masters degree. I built until I found genuine happiness that I never knew existed. 8 years later and i am still keeping my promise. Not a day is begun without a heart full of gratitude for our life today.
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